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Here's a collection of some tracks and mixes that are ticking my boxes of late. Lots of free music downloads on SoundCloud too - if you don't have an account yet, get on it! I will be posting tune / mix reviews on my blog in the near future as well so keep an eye out for those. Or follow me on SoundCloud for more...

Top Tracks

Faze Action - Time By Your Side
Met them in Beijing last week, amazingly lovely & incredible producers. Loved skipping around to this one when it dropped.

Macross 82-99 & Yung Bae - Selfish High Heel (featuring Harrison)
Love the title; gorgeous slice of disco house from Oregon's Yung Bae - sweet vocals, catchy melody & perefect beats. Pow!

Mega Mixes

Featurecast - Blam! Mixtape (Free Download!)
The UK's Featurecast takes a truck-load of classic tracks and spinkles a magical mashup formula for this Blam! mixtape..

MFN - Disco Your Soul Vol.1
An hour and a half of soulful, blissed-out sexy house music for the discerning disco lover... vocal funk-a-go-go...

Check out my SoundCloud Best of November 2014 page for more top tunes like these!

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