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To Hear or Not to Hear

To hear, or not to hear; that is the question. Thanks to the steadiest internet connection I’ve had at home in recent memory, I’ve been rediscovering the joys of SoundCloud.SoundCloud Screenshot

For any dance music junkie (like me) it’s a haven for new tunage and oldskool mixes. Despite being a little out of the loop here in China, not exactly known for its contribution to the world’s dance music scene, I’m keeping abreast of ‘whata guarn’ by keeping my ears firmly locked in to a variety of industry icons and rising stars.

SoundCloud has particular advantages when you’re so far away from the west’s dominant club-scene. You can log on from almost anywhere in the world (it’s actually blocked in China) and tune into your favourite DJs, artists, producers, labels and radio stations to get your latest dose of incredible beats.

I love stumbling across new artists and sounds (some of which I blog about each month here), and you can guarantee to find an army of them online. Perhaps they’ve already been discovered by a million or more other SoundClouders; perhaps they only have a few followers and are still making a name for themselves. Regardless there’s something very special and unique about discovering fresh, or classic, music.

It shouldn’t be limited to fans of underground genres either; I found some vintage Al Green the other day. There’s also some amazing 70s disco flavours alongside rare-groove, funk, soul and I’ve even started a little reggae playlist...

The playlists are a great way to permanently store track selections, and – unlike YouTube – it doesn’t appear that tracks are often deleted or removed so the playlists stay intact. Mine include a Hed Kandi inspired soundtrack, a retro disco collection, the previously mentioned reggae one, a Mini-Mix special and an urban/R&B selection.

Simply put: SoundCloud is all about the music. And so am I. If you have a love of music, you should definitely have a love of SoundCloud.

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