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Asia Asia Restaurant is #1 for Sushi in Dubail (Jan 2016)

If there’s one taste in particular I’ve acquired from living the good life abroad for so long, it’s that of sushi.

Since my brief stint running the marketing and PR for Hurghada’s Little Buddha Bar around the start of the decade the privilege of having a sushi breakfast delivered to my desk each morning
Asia Asia - Sushi Restaurant Dubai
Four to the Floor (Dec 2015)

I’m not sure the title is so apt but it’s what filled the space on this occasion. Fudge me brother, four years already since you passed. It’s fairly mental.

Life seems to go on without you my man, albeit with a gaping hole left in the lives of many you touched...
James Best
Two More Years (September 2015)

As I surpass my two year anniversary of living it up in the Middle Kingdom, I reminisce about some of the bizarre normalities of living in China.

It all started with the initial culture shock of passers-by pointing, staring, smiling and waving in the small third-tier city...
Two More Years
Lost for Words (July 2015)

So as I suspected in March, a single blog a month was indeed far too much to ask.

I lose count of the amount of jobs and work I’m juggling. Time Out is still going strong and I’ve upgraded my day job – in responsibility, hours and pressure. I’m now holding a
Lost for Words
Macking it in Macau (May 2015)

A month before my immanent visa run, a friend mentioned cheap flights to Bali for a mere £150 notes. I figured, if I am forced by some brutal regime to flee the country so frequently for ludicrous visa runs, I may as well try to visit some countries (or territories) I’ve never been to. Bali sounded like a good option so I got busy trying to blag/secure a complimentary hotel - oh the perks...
Jonathan_Sokoloff Appeal (April 2015)

On Friday 24th April an American teacher had a near-fatal motorbike accident in the Chinese capital. Currently on life support and in a coma, he's suffered severe brain damage and his friends are trying to raise funds to get him sent home.

Jonathan Sokoloff, a promising teacher 31-year-old from...
Jonathan Sokoloff Appeal

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